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Research, product strategy, design

I got the opportunity to work with a team at Stanford looking to create a new generation of photo sharing app. I helped lead the product exploration and definition process and helped them envision their platform.

Moments solves the "text me those photos" problem by providing a place for friends and communities to record and share memories together via shared photo albums. Moments uses the power of web3 to enable you to share memories without sharing your data as your info is stored across a decentralized and encrypted network.

In this demo we capture a moment at Outsidelands and add it to the Outsidelands 2022 camera roll. Afterwards we take a look at the photo with some new comments from our friends, check out some suggested camera rolls on the explore page, look at our personal camera roll, and check up on our notifications.


Research, product strategy, design

A personal passion project with a fellow Meta product designer, Geohunt lets you explore the planet, win money, and save the Earth. Geohunt is a multiplayer game that awards cash for global knowledge while neutralizing the carbon footprint of its players. Add money to the pot and compete in live trivia events that will test your knowledge of the world. The more questions you answer the bigger the pay out. Each time you play part of your contribution is donated to offset your carbon footprint.

In this demo we join a live game and search for the first question's corresponding location on the map.


Research, product strategy, design

I got the opportunity to work with a small team to envision Commits, a platform that empowers people to create virtual, multi-day, asynchronous, group challenges and charity events; think on demand Ice bucket challenge. Hosts select a challenge and a charity. Participants commit to the challenge and check in daily with the group to share their progress for the duration of the commit.

In this demo we check in with Bey's commit. We view some new messages in the group chat, check out the Commit's details, look at our progress, and complete our challenge for the day.

Florence Blanché

Identity, creative direction, web design,
publication design, content design

I worked to reimagine Facebook's supply chain software, buy@, from the ground up. buy@ The promise of buy@ was to optimize Facebook’s spend by providing a centralized and tracked experience where employees can execute procurements and get the gear they need for work. buy@ facilitates $34 billion+ in annual spend, equips 30,000+ employees with the tools they need for work, and is the primary point of interaction between Facebook and tens of thousands of vendors. Done right, buy@ had the opportunity to improve employee's work days, make meaningful impact with its spend, and save Facebook billions. After the first year, adoption was low, cycle times and cost for procurement were unchanged, and customer satisfaction was below 2.5/5. That's where we stepped in. I helped lead a team of 5 product designers and worked with 2 product managers, 1 content designer, an external research agency, 2 engineering managers, 2 Data science partners, and 6 engineers, to redesign the tool over the course of 8 months. The results spoke for themselves.